Mairon Launches Tracking application


We are so pleased to be able to bring this to our customers. The ability to let our customers login on their phone and see all their shipments , air, road and sea. Live and recently completed.

With tracking airfreight shipments you will be able to see the exact status of your shipment and link directly to the airlines tracking page.

Sea freight side of things you can see the location with LIVE GPS of the vessel your containers are on with the dates and route it is taking.

All the necessary information for the shipment is in each job , which you can search for either by the Mairon reference or your PO.

You can also request a quote on the app that will come straight through to our operations team, we will then reply to this with prices to your email address.

The last section of the app is your valid rates. Updated validity so you can know what you would pay for your shipments on the routes that are important to you.

You can also contact us anytime with a link to all the necessary contacts at Mairon.

Send us a message or call 01732 464 134