Common Logistics Challenges Faced by Businesses and How 3PL Mairon, Can Help.

Grow profitability, increase customer satisfaction, scale your business, and remove some of the complexity of delivering your goods. Sound to good to be true? Well, these are some of the things that a 3PL partner like Mairon can help you with.

As the CEO of Mairon, I understand the significance of effective logistics management in today’s competitive business landscape. Our own business has been built over the last 25 years refining how we deliver this as it is an area, I am passionate about and have seen first-hand how we can really help business large and small grow. At Mairon, we constantly prioritise transparency and customer care to ensure a seamless as possible supply chain that meets the demanding needs of our clients in a modern retail world. In this blog, I want to delve into a few common logistics challenges encountered by businesses that we have helped and tell you how our 3PL services have helped them to overcome these obstacles and by doing so have a stronger business more flexible for todays needs.

Inventory Management:

Do you want to increase customer satisfaction and grow your profitability?

When dealing with retail business we find that this is one area that we can help to transform a business. Understanding your stock levels is key to delivering a well ran profitable business, but it is also key to delivering a great customer experience.  

Businesses focus a lot of activity around their ability to attract customers to them, marketing, CRM, outbound sales etc. All of this comes at significant cost and all that great work done to get people to visit your business can be completely undone quickly. How frustrating is it to research a product, visit the website go through a sales process only to find the item out of stock? Having the products that people want, when they want, will help grow your brand and not your competitors, it will also give you an opportunity to get more customers just by being known to have the right items in stock which removes one of customers key frustrations today.

We know though that stock management is also one of the most important factors to maintain effective capital control in your business, and more control here allows you bigger buying power elsewhere. By maintaining optimal stock levels, you can reduce overheads such as storage fees, stock depreciation and insurances. These are all drains on the bottom line, and all areas where we have helped other businesses save money allowing them to reinvest capital into other areas of their business.

So, we know that efficient inventory management is vital to prevent stockouts or overstocking, but at Mairon we are aware that it can be a daunting task for many businesses. This can be especially difficult for businesses with fast moving stock or seasonal stock.  We deal with numerous companies that fall into these categories, which is why we use the latest stock management software which can feed a real time API back to your business. This enables you to see where demand is highest and where stock may need replenishing soon. Optimising stock levels, accurately forecasting demand, and managing storage space can be complex. At Mairon, we have an experienced team who can really help you with inventory management, utilising advanced software systems to monitor stock levels they can help you analyse demand patterns, and implement strategies such as just-in-time (JIT) inventory. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can maintain optimal inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Supply Chain Visibility:

When will my stock arrive?

How many times have you asked that question? Transparency and real-time visibility into the supply chain are essential for efficient operations. Businesses can often struggle to track shipments, monitor inventory, and coordinate activities with suppliers and customers. At Mairon, we recognise the importance of 3PL supply chain visibility. We listened to our customers to find out what their pain points were and took that information onboard. Our solution, Mairon developed their own software to enable you to see where your shipments are and allow real time GPS tracking of Sea Freight. This is available on your own mobile devices 24/7. If you do not have to worry about where and when things will arrive you can focus on the important things of delivering great products to people. Our customers have said this is a game changer! It is like a logistics dashboard in your hand!

We can help remove the anxiety of stock deliveries; we can give you the visibility.

Warehousing and Distribution:

Where am I going to store all this stock?

Sometimes selling the products is the easy part, delivering the stock to a customer or a showroom can be the more daunting prospect. We find that warehouse management and streamlined distribution processes are so important in meeting customer expectations. So many businesses often face challenges such as limited warehouse space, inadequate infrastructure, and intricate order fulfilment procedures. At Mairon, we offer well-equipped warehouses, state-of-the-art technology systems, and a team of experienced professionals to optimise warehousing operations. Our warehouses are situated close to major air, sea and road freight channels which can help reduce your costs and improve your efficiency. Through optimised picking, packing, and shipping processes, we enhance order accuracy, reduce delivery times, and prioritise customer satisfaction. We can take the hassle out of one of the most complex areas of running a retail business.

Scalability and Flexibility:

My business is seasonal and I do not want to pay for unused storage in quiet months.

The ability to adapt logistics operations to changing market demands, seasonal fluctuations, and unforeseen events is crucial for a lot of businesses today. Building and maintaining a flexible and scalable logistics infrastructure can be both complex and costly, it requires experts in this field which can be another expense that you do not want your business to carry. At Mairon 3PL, we understand the dynamic nature of businesses. With our extensive resources, infrastructure, and expertise, we offer flexible solutions to quickly adjust logistics strategies without incurring significant expenses or disruptions. This empowers businesses to focus on their core competencies while entrusting the logistics complexities to Mairon. We have worked with businesses where their activity only happens around summer or spring, they needed a partner who could handle that, someone who could manage the requirements to scale up and down as needed. That is where we come in, with over 25 years industry experience we can handle these demands for you.


So, if you are looking to improve customer satisfaction, generate more profit to the bottom line or find a way to scale your business, partnering with a trusted 3PL company like Mairon can help. As the CEO, I recognise that logistics challenges can impact everything that you do as a business.

You may be wondering where to start? Myself and my team are always available to discuss what your requirements are, how we can help your business grow and how we can do that with transparency. With so many things for businesses to focus on today, why not let us help you with one of the most important as without stock what do you have to offer?

If you have any further inquiries or require additional information regarding logistics challenges or our services at Mairon, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tommy Watson

CEO of Mairon

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