Established in 1998 Mairon Freight Management UK offers high quality service backed by highly competitive rate structures for worldwide freight movements by Air, Sea and Road.

When Managing Director Terry Watson was first putting together the package for his new company he was approached by the Mairon Group.

Recognizing the obvious potential of linking in with a group of this stature and unquestioned quality he did not hesitate but to accept.

Mairon Freight Management (UK) Ltd. was established and with many of Terry's original clients standing by him, plus the advantages of the numerous Mairon overseas offices, a sound, solid foundation was soon formed.

With overseas offices established in Hong Kong, China, USA, Germany and Switzerland and an agency network second to none, Mairon UK are able to offer Exporters and Importers a flexible, competitive and personalized service which many strive to attain but few actually achieve.

At Mairon we do not dictate how we handle freight, rather we listen to our customers requirements and devise a system to suit, we look at documentation and systems employed and make suggestions if we feel it necessary. By working this way a long term relationship is soon established.


Ant Story
Why did we choose an ant for our logo? Simply because an ant can lift an amazing 50 times its own body weight. If we could do that we wouldn't need forklifts anymore.